Alabama 3 release new zombie video for Yolanda

Video of the Day - for Fri 3rd Sep 2021

A few days after their live appearance at Beautiful Days Alabama 3 released a new, high-production video for current single 'Yolanda', from their new album Step 13 scheduled for release on 24th September via Submarine Cat Records. The Brixton crew joined forces with video director Theo Williams and exec producer Tristan Williams (Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, SJ, Ghetts) for the zombie-themed flick, shot in South London through the lockdown.

"Alabama 3 have always been the ungrateful dead. Committed to walking the earth half-alive, Zombified and desperately seeking another hit," states Larry Love. "We've been digging up the graves of black musicians for years, stealing their bones and calling it rock n' roll and selling it back to the masses through a white empiricist filter."

Fuelled by stomping acid-tinged blues, Yolanda was written in the summer of 2020 following the riots across the USA in response to George Floyd's murder in Minneapolis and picked up by the Williams brothers for an apocalyptic B-movie.

"We loved the lyrics and the message of stealing culture and wanted to show the band in a Grindhouse horror style inspired by Cecil Hotel," explains Tristan. "The original idea was based around a lift scene but when talking to Larry he said the lyrics reminded him of zombies and the video as you know it was born."

video selection & comments above by: Scott Williams

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