new districts and clans for Boomtown Fair 2013

as election is set to bring tribal warfare

published: Wed 16th Jan 2013

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Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th August 2013
Matterley Estate, near Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1HW, England MAP
£149 for the weekend - SOLD OUT
daily capacity: 30000
last updated: Wed 7th Aug 2013

New districts and clans for Boomtown Fair 2013 as the city splits and gives festival goers the choice to align themselves with their preferred district and the power to decide on who their representative within the Town's Council will be.

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The inaugural BoomTown elections, are scheduled to coincide with fifth year of the festival with an on going narrative for around 30,000 festivalgoers that takes place at Matterley Bowl, nr. Winchester, in Hampshire and will run from Thursday 8th until Sunday 11th August 2013.

The story progresses as BoomTown received city status last year, and the new city has flourished and prospered with a steady influx of new settlers from all over the globe, resulting in the birth of new districts including El Barrio Loco and ChinaTown. The old areas have changed too, with a hoard of Pirates conquering Oldtown and the restoration of The Ancient Temple (The Lion's Den) along with the discovery of its lost people, the City is now bursting at its seams.

BoomTown's Mayor had no other option but to split the city and give attendees the choice to align themselves with their preferred district, and pick their allegiance and choose a district to be part of in this fully immersive festival game of tribal warfare.

Each district will have a selected dress code, all camp together and have dedicated music genres for devoted dancing and debauchery. Hopes are high for maximum voter turnout for the election at the festival itself.

Lak Mitchell and Chris Rutherford, BoomTown Fair Directors said, "With the festival expanding in size and exploring more and more genres over the past few years, we wanted to express our ongoing mission for everyone who enters our crazy world to become a character in the ever unfolding story of BoomTown. The idea is to provide a fully interactive, totally immersive and the ultimate in escapism at an event that is all about the people attending, their experience and how they want the festival to develop. We can't wait to see this idea unfold and to collaboratively create a unique experience, never seen before on this scale in the UK."

BoomTown's districts, Councillors, and clannish dress codes are as follows:

ChinaTown: Flavour from the Far East, jam packed with mystical mayhem and oriental oddities
Councillor: Ms. Kikuya aims to tackle the problems of the addiction to the intoxifying experience of visiting the area by employing a troupe of law enforcing Kung Fu monks to keep the peace.
Dress Code: Geisha, Ninja, Oriental

El Barrio Loco: Favela fantasies are abundant in this smoking hot corner of BoomTown.
Councillor: Ms. Burrita Jose promised to promote tourism and trade with a 'Day of the Dead' Carnival and instigate a training programme so that tourists may achieve the stamina to keep up with the area's hard partying.
Dress Code: 'Day of the Dead', Latino

Mayfair Avenue: Prosperous and decedent with the Gentleman's club, Casino, Bank and high end establishments.
Councillor: husband and wife team Mr and Mrs Fitz-Sloane pledged to uphold the area's exclusivity by preventing their wayward daughter from holding any more raucous parties, keeping the riff-raff out and ensuring that 'the right people' were invited to their famed and fancy electro-swing dances.
Dress Code: 1920s, Top hats, Glitter and Glam

Holditdown Town: Chilled out family friendly area where silliness is the law and hemp is the order.
Councillor: The Flowerpot Family combine to make the current council representation. They rule with a fist of daisies, sitting around, chilling out and training visitors the dedicated art of enjoying wholesome fun and family friendly activities.
Dress Code: Hippy Chic

TrenchTown: The roots and reggae Mecca sent from the Gods.
Councillor: Boss announced that as councillor he'd continue the bass-driven tranquillity deep inside the most beautiful spot of the jungle - The Lion's Den! Proud of his tribal roots, he's set out to encourage a daily dance to be enjoyed by all. Putting a hefty weight of his council budget into restoring the temple in time for The Fair to 'shell dun di place' like never before.
Dress Code: Tribal, Jungle, Aztec

Oldtown: The dusty, rusty area of BoomTown where things "were better in my day" and pirates are pirates because they aaaarrrrrrr...
Councillor: Cap'n Francisco intentions as Councillor are to catch those scurvy dog pirates and make them walk the plank, introduce a daily rum ration for all and find that notorious buried treasure.
Dress Code: Pirates and Pensioners

DownTown: Seedy underbelly of BoomTown, home to alien invaders Arcadia, The Body Shop and many more social deviants...
Councillor: Reformed gangster Charlie Brown vowed to use his influence to keep his former cronies on the straight and narrow and quash alien terrorist groups.
Dress Code: Pimps and Hoes

There are no acts confirmed yet for 2013. BoomTown offers a weekend of cabaret, gypsy, folk, reggae, dub and more within the confines of a whole 'pop up' city with multiple venues, and loads of stuff for kids young and old, maybe even a ski lift or two!

Early bird tickets sold out in 5 minutes. Tier four tickets are now available priced at £124, plus a £10 eco bond deposit - part of the 'keep the town tidy' scheme. A teen (13-17 years) ticket is priced at £85, a child ticket (6-12 years) is priced at £20, and children under 6 can go free but need a ticket.

This year the town mayor has launched a new initiative, aiming to give something back to the wider community, with the option to donate £2 available at the time of buying your ticket. This money will be collected in the Boom Pot and handed over to a number of charities in the local community.

To buy tickets, click here.

Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th August 2013
Matterley Estate, near Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1HW, England MAP
£149 for the weekend - SOLD OUT
daily capacity: 30000
last updated: Wed 7th Aug 2013

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