Keane : Camden Barfly 1st June 2001


published: Thu 7th Jun 2001

Call me stupid for doing a 120-mile round trip to see Keane play on Friday at Barfly but it was well worth it, taking second billing to 'Kaito' who must have been pumped seeing the crowd who were packed into Barfly at 21.00 hrs as Keane took the stage. No messing and straight into 'Call me what you like' it's nice to hear songs that sound the same live as well as on cd. Richard effortlessly keeping the beat on his drums, Tim, slightly hunched yet relaxed, pacing, forward, back, forward again. Tom centre stage with acoustic guitar, voice pitch perfect, slightly flushed and Dom apprentice guitar hero who's already making first team appearances on a regular basis, confident enough to leap, lean and crouch without playing a bad chord.

'Pot of Gold' was followed with a bit of banter, no hecklers in the venue tonight and then 'To the end of the earth' once again faithfully reproduced live and expertly seamed into 'Wolf at the door' which when finished gave the audience an excuse to shout that bit louder. As if they weren't already. Then the final three songs 'This is the last time' 'She has no time' and 'Closer now'. So seven songs in twenty-five minutes possibly thirty but time restrictions apply. Exit stage left shouts and chants for more but to no avail. Hold on, aren't the English meant to be reserved and quiet, even a couple of South Africans aren't that excitable? It was all over too quickly.

Audience reaction made me wonder whether I was at Keanes farewell gig their passion was unquestionable. Keane thrived on it with a tight well rehearsed set played with confidence. Two thirds of the audience left, Kaito didn't have to struggle through the crowd to set up their kit. I'm sure they gave it their best effort but one thing they did share with Keane was the P.A. For a venue that exists to break new bands, the sound should be premier league. Err can we check tonight's billing again I think we got two of the groups the wrong way round.

review by: Bec.

photos by: Paul Rodwell

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