What to Take

The Indispensable Festival Guide

published: Wed 11th Apr 2018

Bearing in mind that a long walk from your car or the bus drop off points to the campsite is normally unavoidable, we recommend that you travel reasonably light.

Don't forget the golden rule: don't take anything you're not prepared to lose. Make sure you read the security guide.





The bigger the better (especially if it's wet). The most popular fairly economical are 2/3 man dome tents, however the range of tents/canvas arrangements you will see on site is amazing but many would cause distress to any boy scouts amongst you. (see separate Security Guide for camping advice).
- tents at Amazon.co.uk


Sleeping Bag / Camping Mat

Nothing too fancy is necessary, a 2 seasons one usually does the job.
- sleeping bags at Amazon.co.uk
For a big difference to comfort and warmth, a camping mat or airbed is a very good idea.
- camping mats & airbeds at Amazon.co.uk



To find things in your tent at night, to illuminate that midnight trip to the loos, and to stop you tripping over guy-ropes in the dark.
- torches at Amazon.co.uk


Loo Roll

You'll often find toilet roll supplied in the portable toilets at festivals nowadays, but you don't want to take that chance.


Water Container / Water Bottle

Handy to have in your tent for night-time or early morning drinking, or for having water for cooking. Keep it filled up from the taps, to save yourself a few quid and to avoid having to join a long queue for those taps in the mornings.. There are some collapsible containers with taps that are cheap and perfect.
- water carriers & bottles at Amazon.co.uk


Sun Block / Lotion

Protect your skin from all-day sunshine and the risk of sun-burn.


Waterproof Coat

Never believe the forecasts, so make sure you bring something waterproof - anything from a minimal throwaway emergency coat, to the perfect rainwear.
- waterproofs at Amazon.co.uk


Decent Foorwear / Wellies

you'll be on your feet a lot so those flip flops will lose their appeal, and if it rains you'll want to keep your feet dry.
water-proof shoes & wellies at Amazon.co.uk


One Complete Change of Clothing

a reminder for those of us who have had to pull on soaking wet clothes in the morning ... not pleasant.



soap, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste and a small towel. (Girls should consult Butterfly's Festival Glamour Guide for more in depth advice on toiletries etc).



inhalers, hay-fever pills etc. If you might need them then don't forget them.



There are often cash machines on site at the bigger events, but often with big queues. Remember to keep enough to get home, and remember to keep your money safe. Read the security guide.



Because you never know your luck (that's you too, girls!!)





Gas Cooker

good for that in-tent morning cup of tea at the most basic level, or a tent-side gourmet meal if you're a super-chef.
- campsite cooking at Amazon.co.uk


Pot Noodles

OK, they're not the tastiest thing in the world, but they're cheap and light and reasonably filling, and easy to do if you have a stove and kettle. Don't forget a fork!


Phone Charger

Smartphones tend to run down quickly, so keep it topped up with a portable charging pack.
- portable phone chargers at Amazon.co.uk


Music / Tunes

After a day of music, you might want more back at your tent. Today's smartphones are the music source, but you'll need something to give it some volume!
- all portable speakers at Amazon.co.uk


Drinks / Booze

NO GLASS! Decant any drinks from glass bottles to plastic ones, as glass is normally banned from festivals.

The bars and stalls at festivals tend to charge premium prices, which can empty your purse or wallet exceedingly fast - so relieving some of that cost might be important to you.

However, be warned: most festivals won't allow you to take your own drinks from the campsite into the festival arena, and some festivals set a limit for how much you can take into the campsite. Check the rules for the festival you're attending.

Don't forget a bottle opener if you'll be needing one, and for some good, if light hearted, advice on this and other important things have a look at Pete & Stu's lads guide to festivals.



For those late night fires or Camberwell Carrots.



Everything from plasters and headache pills to Rizlas might be available on site but if you've got room and are that thoughtful then take them.





festival information by: Neil Greenway

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