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NEW - MyFestivals groups

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eFestivals is pleased to announce a new addition to these forums - MyFestivals groups. These festival groups will be related to just one year's festival, as people who go to a festival one year might not go to that festival in following years.

People are able to create their own festival groups, which can be private (invite only) or public (you can ask to join).

Anyone can be a group leader. The group leader:-

- creates the group.

- decides whether to make it public or private.

- accepts new members into the group.

- creates a forum (if they want to) for the group.

- moderates the group forum free of all interference (providing it's not being used as a way to promote commercial services, or for any unsavoury or illegal activities).

- is able to create group news pieces.

- is able to mass PM (personal message) members of the group.

- assign group helpers to assist with managing the group.

- create ranks for the group members.

If the group leader ever wants to resign as leader they can do, and pass the group onto another group member.

So that these groups don't become the domain of just a few individuals, the number of groups a person can lead is limited to two. eFestivals has setup a couple of groups to get things started, but people joining the groups will be asked to take over as leader in place of eFestivals.

Please note that once a group becomes obsolete (at some point after the festival is done and dusted), the group may be closed.

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