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Who are your top five acts to see right now?


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9 hours ago, LateStarter50 said:

Doubtless this would be different after the event as there's loads of acts I've not heard of, but at the moment....



Fatboy Slim



The Orb


Bravo Sir 👏

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From the main stages so far...


Dua Lipa

Barry Can't Swim

Little Simz

Burna Boy



Then from the dance announcements so far...


ALISHA b2b Archie Hamilton

Jamie Jones

Skream & Benga

Julian Anthony b2b Casey Spillman

Tristan da Cunha


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22 hours ago, Spindles said:

That's a damn fine selection.  Particularly looking forward to Billy, Baxter and the Bobs myself.

I caught Baxter last year in Spain and the sound just blew me away. Was hard not to be infatuated. I was really hoping he would be in Woodsies and I think he would suit the dark a lot better but maybe that is me trying to relive the last year. Billy was excellent on Park last year so more intimate setting should be amazing!

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20 hours ago, CharlotteB said:

Pillow Queens


Soccer Mommy

Mannequin Pussy



Notable mentions: Lambrini Girls, 

Angie McMahon, Blondshell, The Last Dinner Party.


GIRL POWER! ✌🏻 Seriously, how good is female music at the moment? There should be loads more of it on the lineup, and in much more prominent slots. Some festivals are attempting to get a 50/50 gender split. If representation was by merit it would be 70/30 in favour of female groups, hands down. Girls are rocking it! 

My top 5 are very female heavy but completely different to yours.


Bridget. + Avril Lavigne + English Teacher + Kenya Grace + Michael Kiwanuka

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I think i'm going to have to do a Top 5 who I haven't seen before, and another Top 5 from those I have (not that i'm going but felt left out 😁), so:


Top 5 seen before: Sprints, Bob Vylan, English Teacher, Lynks, Cyndi Lauper

Top 5 not seen before: Blondshell, NewDad, Mannequin Pussy, The Breeders, Avril Lavigne.

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1. Avril Lavigne 

2. Little Simz

3. Charli XCX

4. Peggy Gou

5. Shania Twain 


This is who I'd say based off initial thoughts! Haven't allowed myself to get too into the lineup this year as at the mercy of Oxfam shifts anyway. If I could say a 6th it would be TLDP but I'll be seeing them at Leeds in August anyway so wouldn't be too gutted to miss them. 

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