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Arcadia 2024


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8 minutes ago, Crazyfool01 said:

If we can please avoid posting photos … let’s keep this a suprise for those that haven’t seen it if possible cheers … will be seeing it in 24hrs anyway 



I’ve barely looked at Glasto Cam this year, wanting the element of surprise!! 

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4 minutes ago, Justcalledtosay said:

I think putting pictures up for those of us that aren't going would be nice. I doubt many of those going will be watching this thread too closely anyway from now on.

Let’s do it later if we can … there’s still huge numbers browsing and many won’t want that suprise ruined if at all possible 

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18 minutes ago, FLAT MOLAR said:

My company has been working on it most of last week and throughout the fest. Looks pretty good to be fair 

I think you might be underselling it somewhat . Thanks to you and your team 

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The dragonfly looks fantastic, was sat in the field last night during the drone show and there was projections on the main body of the helicopter (someone on here thought that would be the case). Think it'll look awesome when up and running. 


The 'inner circle' is still too small though.

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39 minutes ago, Lucy92 said:

Can someone please post some pics when it’s up and running, getting some serious fomo 

Yep, signal permitting (it's non existent for me down the hill but I get a bit up here in WV)

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1 hour ago, westholtschic said:

Don’t think I will ever be able to use my ears again with the amazing sound last night during Fat Boys set. Was right at the front and I personally thought it was fantastic.

They’ve finally fixed their sound issues? 

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