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The Weather Thread 2024


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2 hours ago, nikkic said:

Wellies and walking boots will be in the car. 

No way I’m leaving without them.



Maybe you would if you were travelling by coach and had to carry them!  Yeah if I was going by car, I would definitely chuck them in but carry them for no reason? No.  I will wear my DMs and take trainers and crocs for around the tent.

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28 minutes ago, Ayrshire Chris said:

On site Wednesday, a day in Glastonbury today, climbing the Tor! 

Make sure to stop in a the George and Pilgrims. Fantastic medieval pub. The food is also excellent. Oldest purpose built public house in the south west 

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55 minutes ago, Ayrshire Chris said:

On site Wednesday, a day in Glastonbury today, climbing the Tor! 

I’ll be hoping to get there about 3-ish. Say hi if you spot us, it’ll be me, my wife and toddler in a backpack carrier.


Depending how busy it is, we may stay around for food in Glastonbury, if not, will head back to Weston Supermare, where we’re staying the night.

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6 hours ago, Lubic said:

2022 was pretty nippy once the sun had gone in and these temps are looking like they could potentially be a bit lower. So don’t forget to bring extra layers for the evening. 

Yeah, wind would hit and froze people for sure. Got really chilly at macca if you were just standing there a

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For some reason the 18Z didn't run live last night, so no summary there. So, with only THREE reviews to go, let's see what the GFS says.




Completely dry, 21-22.




Dry, ignore that light blue, highs of 25.


Temperatures into Thursday of 15-16.







Dry, highs of 19-20.


Temperatures into Friday of 12-13.




Pressure picture near identical. Latest on the right.






Dry, highs of 18-19.


Temperatures into Saturday of 10.




Identical again, latest on the right.






Chance of some very light rain around headliner time, bit more in the Midlands. Highs of 19-20.


Temperatures into Sunday of 13-14.




Pressure marginally not as strong. Latest on the right.






Completely dry, highs of 17-18 - a three degree downgrade on the 18Z.


Temperatures into Monday of 13-14.




Similar picture again, latest on the right.






Another great run, though there is still some uncertainty about the exact facts of Sunday - it could yet be that, as on the 18Z, a little more heat builds in.


Looks like we've ... WON?


Two more runs to go!




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1 minute ago, Glasto Weatherwatch said:

This is the absolute dream 

I swear you’ll never see anything like this ever again 


So watch it






Wow, it literally couldn’t get any better than that for me (aside from tomorrow temps). This has been the smoothest weather thread year ever - barring a little two day wobble last week.

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13 minutes ago, MadFrankie said:

Can we add a Monday forecast please so we know if we need to pack up tents a certain time before it rains or if we can lay in and do it leisurely during the day?

The forecast I saw, there’s no rain due until Friday 5th!

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