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R.E.M. 1999


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On 6/12/2023 at 9:54 AM, Yokel Again said:

My favourite band at my favourite festival - didn't see 1999, but did 2003.

Was looking forward to it so much got super drunk and can't remember much about it, apart from moshing from the back to the front during Begin the Begin, and MrsYokel going crowd surfing during End of the World. 

Amazing band. 

2003 was perfect. 

lol - I didn't know that crowd surfing was involved 🙂


I will never forgive myself for being at Fat Boy Slim 😞 Didn't appreciated that you could quite literally see him every single year if you wanted to.

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This was my first glastonbury headliner and they blew me away.  My ex used to get free tickets to the NEC as she worked there and she gave away REM tickets on the green tour because she'd never heard of them a few days before we met.  It was 10 years before I got the chance to see them and they were worth the wait.


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My first Glastonbury headliner too, and couldn't believe I was watching one of the most famous bands in the world at my first ever festival (I was a sheltered teen!).


I'd been desperate to go since watching '97 on TV, but '99 was the first time my parents would let me and my brother go.  I'd loved every minute since arriving on the Thursday morning, but I think this set at the end of a perfect, sunny Glastonbury Friday just cemented it as the best place in the world for me (a view that hasn't changed since!)

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