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Who are you hoping for in 2023?


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9 minutes ago, a6l6e6x said:

Slipknot doing legends would be so funny. All the old folks at the back watching in horror during people = shit

Get em headlining other though, be awesome

Although to be fair they'd probably pick up the lyrics to Before I Forget. On which note do we think Linkin Park would've headline if Chester hadn't passed, or are they a similar sort of other stage headliner? 

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1 minute ago, Neil said:

always was a pop festival, first one was called pilton pop.

Agreed. Pop = Popular music. It's just that in the 90s and 00s, indie and rock were pretty dominant so there was a lot of it. RnB is the dominant form of pop at the moment, so it naturally gets represented well. Guitar rock is on a low ebb at the moment and so its representation is less, but I still saw loads over the weekend, just not in high profile slots on the pyramid (Although Fender is as classic rock as it gets while still being a new artist).

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27 minutes ago, willgooneday said:

The festival has been touted for generations as the greatest rock festival in the country, in the past few years it's decided to become an out and out pop festival. That's fine, but don't pretend it's not going to stop a lot of people going - a lot of older folk used to post here about how great it was that Glastonbury line-ups catered to old and young - if you stop booking guitar bands from the 90s/00s in premium slots and have the likes of a Harry Styles / Taylor Swift / Dave trio as headline the festival is setting it's stall out for years to come. If it goes with something like Arctic Monkeys / Fleetwood Mac / Taylor Swift it's going to be somewhat closer to it's roots. 

I get it'll never be Coldplay / Radiohead / Blur type bands in one year again (as much as I'd love it) but the festival does need to be careful in finding a balance. 

It’s never been a rock festival 

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Harry styles (and then have a Lizzo on as a special guest)

Spice girls

LCD Soundsystem




Kate Bush


Most importantly however, I really hope Wheel of Four Tunes are on the bill. It just isn't right, is it? 

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Anderson Paak

Duran Duran

Tears for Fears

War on Drugs

Drive By Truckers

Gaslight Anthem


Confidence Man (in a much bigger slot)


Elton John

Death Cab for Cutie


The National 


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Foster the People would be class mid other.

Orbital too please. Looks like the options for next year are fantastic if this thread is anything to go by!!

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Ooh, I love everyone suggesting Slipknot  😊


cattle decapitation, skindred, ho99o9, man on man, faith no more, always the flaming lips (the park stage is basically the perfect venue for them) 

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There were quite a few from this year that are favourites of mine and I would love to see if I am able to get a ticket next year, but specifically ones that weren't.

Taylor Swift
Dua Lipa
Of Monsters and Men
Billy Joel (Legend slot maybe?, maybe dreaming on that one though)
Rina Sawayama
Frank Turner
Tommy Lefroy
Arcade Fire
State Champs

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YYY’s headlining The Park

LDR subbing The Pyramid 

Robbie Williams in the legend slot 

Elton headlining Sunday night 



The Black Keys

Sharon Van Etten 

The War On Drugs 


Low Island 

Plus DJ sets from TSHA, Haai, Anz and Jon Hopkins

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I’d like to see..

Lady Gaga

The Shins (Broken Bells would also do)

Fleetwood Mac


Harry Styles


Courtney Love (new album soon hopefully)


Depeche Mode



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1 hour ago, TiZuff said:

Pyramid Headliners : Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, Fleetwood mac

any other stages: Fred Again,Moderat (at night), Frank Ocean (never happening), lana del rey,

Was just listening to Fred Again in the car driving home and would love to see him live at Glastonbury. Just can't pin point what stage he would be at the moment.. 

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53 minutes ago, Tr234 said:

Do we think Dua Lipa could headline next year? 

Just after Future Nostalgia she'd have been a shoo-in, but if she drops a dodgy second album it could be a toss-up

Although Billie E's second album didn't exactly go down a storm and she still smashed it on Friday!

So I'm saying...... YES (please!)

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1 hour ago, NorthernSoul52 said:

Saw somebody suggest The Gaslight Anthem. They'd be a fine John Peel headliner, but against who is the question.

Harry Styles on main, The Courteeners on other? Sends all the posters one way, the chavvy rock fans to other and the more classic rock discerning types to JP. Put a soul headliner on Park and a dance act in West Holt's. Oh and ban Gaslight Anthem from bring out Bruce Springsteen. 

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Works for me. If The Gaslight Anthem are in the mood - and by all accounts, their "secret" warm-up show the other night saw them very much on-vibe with each other - imagine they'll be terrific.

Have had the misfortune to catch two weaker shows - the second night of their Manchester Apollo run behind Get Hurt, where the setlist - a few choice cuts aside - paled next to night one, and their Leeds Festival 2015 show, where the crowd was about as interested in them as they might be in starring at a verruca. (Brian Fallon's solo shows since have proven quite enjoyable, but not exactly characterised by a thrilling sense of driving passion.)

Set them loose with something like the dozen-and-a-half songs they played at the reunion show earlier this month, and they'd be terrific.

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