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Step count for the weekend


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251 thou for the week.

Not as big as 2019 but I'm factoring in that my volunteer role in 2019 was on the move for 6 hours whereas this one was largely static 

Got to say, it's most amusing to wake up and glance at watch and see you have already cracked 15 thou Steps 


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Looks like 200,000 for Glasto week, around double my usual. High of 58000 for one dancy day/night. Just a slightly sore toe as collateral, which got fixed on site. 

All that fresh air and walking was just the tonic. 

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About 250K from Wednesday - Monday Morning , I was always up early anyways and was frequently out in SEC, racked up 60K from Saturday 8am to Sunday 5.30am

we were a bit of a way out at camp as well which probably aided it

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