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Had to leave early because of work so I'm sat watching Kendrick on TV


Your top three sets from your weekend and why

I'll go first

1. Macca... Need I say more? Let It Be was the most emotional I've ever seen at the Pyramid, plenty of people around me in tears.

2. Idles... The atmosphere was amazing, must be up there with one of the most rowdy sets Glasto has seen in recent years, absolute bedlam at the front.

3. George Ezra... Because I want to upset all those who were devastated that he was the secret set. Such a fun feel good vibe for a Sunday afternoon, kids on shoulders, everyone having fun, exactly what Glasto is about.


Special mentions:

Sleaford Mods, Foals



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In no order....

Confidence man - lots of fun 

Olivia Rodrigo - just enjoyed dancing around with my girls and singing fuck you

Billie - 20 year old - she smashed it 

Diana Ross - banger after bangers

PSB - perfect 

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Top three from the sofa:

Kendrick - one of the all time great sets at any festival 

Phoebe Bridgers - astonishingly moving. Not hugely up on her stuff but didn’t need to be

Gabriels - had never heard of them before but will be following them keenly from now on, what a talent and what a personality

Honourable mentions to Kacey Musgraves, Wet Leg, Joy Crookes and Olivia Rodrigo although didn’t see a single disappointing set all weekend apart from Ms Ross. A great year. 


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Watched all from home, but top 3 from each day in no particular order


girl in red- so much energy, big fan of her music and made me really excited to see her at Brixton next year

Phoebe Bridgers- breath-taking, just elevated to a higher level than her studio stuff

Little Simz- was undecided between her and Billie Eilish, went for Little Simz and after watching Billie Eilish next day I am glad I did, just super high quality

Saturday (still a few I want to go back and give a listen to)

Olivia Rodrigo- going to see her in a couple of weeks, have been a huge fan since her album came out, fantastic set, truly iconic moment singing Fuck You with Lily Allen

Holly Humberstone- a little subdued, but such a nice chilled out vibe

Paul Mccartney- first half of the set was a bit dull, second half of it more than made up for it though, insane to see him putting in a 37 song headline set at 80 years old


Pet Shop Boys- party from start to finish, banger after banger, such a strong end to the festival

Years and Years- never listened to them before but absolutely blown away, really fun and enjoyable set with tonnes of energy and positive vibes

Diana Ross- what can I say, it was fun, I was surprised with how many songs I knew, just a great time

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at home viewer

Only gonna review sets I saw in full on iplayer - anything I dumped off after a few songs is being ignored.


Inhaler - 5/10 - utterly boring despite being accomplished musicians with serviceable indie rock music - felt like any indie band from when I was a kid so stuck with it out of slight hankering for my youth - sure these lads would have been massive in 2008 - I struggle to understand how Bono's son can have such little stage presence. 


Yungblud 8/10Looked like an absolute riot to be honest. Let down slightly by his voice being shafted but he's got a stage presence at the opposite end of the spectrum to the bloke from Inhaler. He just looks like he spends his life waiting to go out there. The new songs sounded good as well and I Cry Too was strangely moving.

McCartney - 8.5/10 - Despite Macca picking a set list that was clearly targeted more at his own fans than a generalised set list it got incredibly good towards the latter half of it with great song choices.

Gabriels - 10/10 - Would have never watched this if it wasn't for someone here. Absolutely incredible - the lead singer was an absolute master of his craft - seems surreal he was playing early on the Park stage. Looked like he could have happily had the pyramid in the palm of his hand at 10pm at night and some incredible songs to go with. 

Years and Years - 9.5/10 - Another absolutely stunning set from someone who understand showmanships importance to the live experience. It's alright to say let the music do the talking but people are their to be entertained and by God was that set entertaining. Although it might have looked a bit lewd for Leeds sake at times the dance routines were all very clear references to gay culture of the past 50 years and had a lot of thought out into them, the dancers were incredible too. Working overtime on that. Just one of those things you couldn't take your eyes off and decent set list - although a few of his Night Call songs could have been dropped for older ones.

Pet Shop Boys 10/10- Established artists take note - I wish I could give this 20/10. Every song here was a huge hit from their heydey, it was a set tailor made for a casual audience to appreciate. If your gonna do a festival do it when you're touring something like this - an absolute party. Neil covered their huge technical glitch for the first several songs to the point he made it seem like part of the show. Stage show was great - bringing out Olly Alexander for Dreamland was cool as was much of their cheesy dancers choreography.


Honourable mentioned to Diana Ross for being enjoyable. 

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9 hours ago, Stokesy10 said:

I'm still blown away by PSB. One of the best sets I've ever seen.

Totally agree. The absolute highlight of a high-packed Glastonbury, and I'm struggling to come up with a better set that I've ever seen. Absolute perfection. 

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Top sets for me - 

Macca - 9/10

I really enjoy anything Beatles but don't know much McCartneys own stuff but what a show! Bringing out Dave Grohl felt really emotional and Springsteen too. Live and let die went off! Loved it.

IDLES- 9/10 

First time I've seen the IDLES live and it was just perfect! Danced all the way through.

Sugababes - 8/10

I was lucky enough to be in the tent fairly near the front. It was rammed but the crowd were in great spirits. I was on my own as the husband wasn't feeling it but ended up making friends and having a dance and drinking rum with a group. Such good fun.

Griff - 8/10

Again, everyone dancing and singing along. She was so humbled by the crowd and looked like she was having a blast. Actually brought a tear to my eye.


The only set I saw that I didn't enjoy was Diana Ross but it wasn't her fault. I ended up so far away and in the wrong spot for the wind and couldn't hear a word she was saying when speaking. This is such a shame as I was so looking forward to seeing her. Left half way through.


What a weekend!!



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