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BBC Coverage 2022


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5 minutes ago, MEGATRONICMEATWAGON said:

Jokes about scantily clad women aside, there's something to be said about energy in a performance.

It's not Paul's fault he's 80, but he could at least start with a couple of bangers to spark some fun for the audience...

Frog song ..  😀  

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2 minutes ago, Suprefan said:

Lots of money wouldve been lost if bets got placed that Macca was gonna cut the bullshit given his shorter set time. I think he knows they wouldnt dare cut him off and he goes til midnight easily.

Isn't there a legal curfew so they kind of need to cut him off.


He could be a bit more energetic - age is hardly an excuse - see Mick Jagger

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I do not know what Megan is saying when she shouts into the mic, but then again, weighed against the meandering mumbling from Macca, I feel like I'm far drunker than I am.

If it's like any of her songs I've heard you don't wanna hear the lyrics - pure filth 

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3 minutes ago, Suprefan said:

Oh darn, female empowerment scares you. Nothing new to this forum. 

No issue with female empowerment but there's a difference between female empowerment and smuttiness for smuttinesses sake. A lot of current pop - male and female falls into the latter.

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