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Reflection on 2022

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Negatives- Capaldi is big top at best. Lack of security at main stage, meant loads of chairs and blankets down the front.
Cost of everything, feck me that’s expensive for a family of 4.  Ended up taking more and more in through the weekend as realised they didn’t care. 

Positives - lack of security and those who were there not caring. Took what you wanted in. 
Paul and Jacque, the Fratelies, Chic, Madness were all brilliant as expected. 
Rudamental and Muse, in my ignorance I expected nothing. Best way to go into a gig when you don’t know them I’d say. 
But WOW!  Made the weekend. 2 fantastic sets
Main stage toilets, again were phenomenal, what an up grade, hats off to them on that

And finally the people there. No agro, no arguments, everyone smiling. 👌🏻 

Sadly I don’t think it will ever return to the line ups of the 10+ years ago. Lionel would have made a bit of a difference. 
I now go for the craic as much as the music. 
Will be returning for a 7th time next year. 
Time to go to work to put for that £25 rounds and £12 food. 🤦🏻‍♂️🙈😂

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Good synopsis.

Muse / Kasabian - both outstanding. I love the Coral, but they seemed unenthusiastic. 

Fratellis / Proclaimers / Nile Rodgers - all early afternoon - arena jammed. Capaldi - place emptied out to go listen to Noasis?


Chairs - didn't see a problem. People were sensible, late afternoon pretty much all packed away in the main arena.

Security - saw one couple with a case of lager! Bar prices a bit steep but all the staff we met were brilliant - friendly and positive. Home made GnT in an Aldi bottle works well btw.

Bottom line - I'll be back next year. Really missed the whole weekend over the last two years (not missed Red Funnel though)!

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