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Crows Nest


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13 minutes ago, Al2006 said:

Really hoping for an Adrianne Lenker set at the crow's nest this year.. especially as I think I'll be missing big thief (who were incredible earlier this year at Shepherds bush.. as was Adrianne at EartH)

If you're missing Big Thief for Porridge Radio, I believe somebody said they have info PR are doing another set somewhere, which will surely be at Crows Nest.

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25 minutes ago, Hank Hankinson said:

What day does it open?

I think in the past they've had djs on Wednesday and the odd thing on Thursdays... not sure but most acts are on Friday - Sunday that I've seen. But a good shout - might be worth poking my head in on Thursday. If only for a brew and some cake.

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3 hours ago, moogster said:

Oh I love it there. Line up is probably known mid-day I guess? Maybe check secret glast/their twitter to get an idea?

I got to see Laura Marling there in a caravan behind the tent. It was nice but weird!

Does Crows Nest have their own Twitter? 

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4 hours ago, FloorFiller said:

Somebody asked them and they said they’re only doing the one set this year, unfortunately.

Whats the point of them having the whole weekend open other than to hang out. Booourns



and they post the lineup mid morning, or at least in 2017. Ill be close by so if im awake early ill check the chalkboard.  Here is to hoping some conflicts can get resoled by their schedule

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5 hours ago, fuzzy_logic said:

Managed to see Snapped Ankles in there in 2019 very late on Saturday night, it was utter chaos. For me it was the highlight of the entire festival

This was one hell of a set, packed tent, mad music, the band disappearing into the crowd in their weird gilly suits. Banging.


I've seen acts up there that seemingly didn't have any other sets at the festival, including acoustic guy Adem and a talk from Robert Lewellyn. Also had a nice cup of lemon and ginger when I was feeling rough on a Sunday morning in the sunshine.


Making sure I'm up there at some point this year, just got to check those chalk boards...

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18 minutes ago, The Other Steve said:

I've never made it to the crows nest. How far past the Glastonbury sign is it and which field do you access it from?

Just walk up the hill from the Park and it’s on the left of the sign, a bit further left beyond Tricketts Bar. The highest stage at the festival! 

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53 minutes ago, beatlemania said:

oh yeah! that was soooo good! first time „love+hate“ was amazing

I was there too for Mr. Kiwanuka - unforgettable


Last time I tried to get in was for King Gizz and I was defeated by a wall of punters ten deep outside the hut - it can be very busy if word gets round of a popular act!

Really missing the farm today. Buggger.

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