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The Three Things......

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Ok, apologies in advance, I’ve been out, and had a bit to drink. But hey ho, here goes. There’s loads of things that remind me of the festival.... but what are the things on here, the efestivals site, that you thinks are just part of your experience.... I shall start....

@Curlygirl Cherry Bakewell

@deebeedoobee weather reports 

@The Nal weather Armageddon 

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I think I misread the original post.

My three things:

- the predictions of line ups and timings (mostly in the Clashfinder style)

- the spot on Simpsons' memes

- the overly early headliner predos for the next festival before the next festival has even started

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10 hours ago, reflekting said:

When Will This Shit End was actually a reminder of how good this community functions when the festival isn't running

The Headliner Thread rumours

New music 2022

I just can’t keep up with the New Music thread. I try, and about once a week I open it, read a page and load up the artists recommended or with new releases, but by the time I’ve listened to all that a week has passed and there are another 20 pages on top of what was already there. If I had more listening time it’d be my favourite thread I think. 

Glastocam is my current favourite thread - so exciting at this time of year. 

I also love the map and site changes threads. So much fun needing out and reading other people’s forensic analyses of the maps. 

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