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Bath and West entry - what are the queues, timings and space allocations like?


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Hiya, managed to get resale entry and B&W campervan. Previously was mostly old West side, East side when we couldn't get West, so I know the queues and space allocations on the old West and East, but not for B&W.


So...firstly, what are the queues like across the Tuesday for B&W? Secondly, is there an advantage to getting in earlier in some way (distance to bus stop or something?) And lastly, is there a large distance between the larger and smaller sized pitches? We have two tickets, one for each size of pitch.


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We arrived into B&W about 18.00-19.00 in 2019. No queues, flew straight in. Got a spot barely 2 mins walk from the coach pick up point. From what I could see it was mostly filling up closer to the pick up point first, could be wrong though.

I will be aiming for the same again this year, maybe a touch earlier. Hoping it will be the same, but with the extra anticipation and excitement this year, it may be busier than normal on the Tuesday.

We had a brought a large plot and where on our own. Loads of space. No idea if those around us had brought the same ticket. Couldn't really tell if there was differently allocated areas for the two type of tickets. My advice would be to arrive at the same time and chat to someone. It is Glasto and they are generally relaxed about these things.


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