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Glastonbury mud ( appeasing the weather gods )


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won't be bad mud this year, in the years of bad mud its rained solidly from xmas until may, so the ground is totally waterlogged, there's been sod all rain this year.

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Just now, paulshane said:

and of course, 2005, every type of weather crammed into five days that was 😄






Ped Gate C, after they closed it as the water was waist deep in places:





my friends got stuck outside ... and were unable to get back in for several hours .... cant think why they didnt try another gate though .....

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hopefully this is a video. It's gate C just before they shut it. This was after it had been raining for about six hours already.


edit, doesn't work inline, gimme a min to see if it's still on my YT


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