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How old are we all here on Efests nowadays?


How old are we all here nowadays?  

596 members have voted

  1. 1. Some long time posters here, plenty new ones too. How does it all break down?

    • 10-14
    • 15-17
    • 18-21
    • 22-25
    • 26-30
    • 31-40
    • 41-50
    • 51-60
    • 60+

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  • Poll closed on 06/19/2022 at 11:00 PM

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13 minutes ago, Junglist1981 said:

I am displeased at having to tick 41-50. 

Same. Not sure this post started off my Sunday in the best way! 😂

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1 hour ago, Hugh Jass II said:

As someone who recently turned 40 I am incredibly grateful it’s still in the “30’s” box to tick.

I really resent having people like this in my category. 

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28 minutes ago, blue6field said:

Entered a new group in March this year now the 51-60.

Damn I loved that 41-50 group!

Hey, as a bonafide member of the 51-60 group (53 on Thursday) I'd like to say welcome and carry on the party like you're 41... Just book a few more days off work afterwards! 

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25 minutes ago, MaxPower said:

Lol I know the forum skews older but this is so much older than I expected so far. 

Indeed, tbh i didn't expect the older age bracket of 50-60 to be as high as 17%. I only just make it at 60, but when the festival comes around i could easily feel like a 30 yo.

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