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Godiva Festival 2022

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2 hours ago, thetime said:

Always found it easy, but I get the train in and walk up to the site.

Yeah, from New St its a doddle. Already planned a few in town first, quick one on the train, couple in Cov before we hit the fest

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1 hour ago, Flaminglippy said:

Booked for the Libs...would have been nice to get a bigger support but £6 to see Libertines can't complain!

Well defintly do the Saturday, Friday if the hotels are decent price. Nice way to finish the summer.

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7 minutes ago, thetime said:

Did seem far fetched with the arena tour and festivals she's playing.

It did. I'll go splendour for both days instead and maybe head to wales again 1st september weekend as I went last year and it was lovely.

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Libs for £6 is great Value but seeing them 5 days earlier at Victorious so I'll pass. 

Saturday line ups at Godiva do nothing for me anymore, shame they switched it up and made Friday the indie/rock day and then made it not really a day but an act. 

Sunday I'd actually love to see Bananarama but can't be bothered travelling for them alone, if they had say Howard Jones on as well I'd be there in a shot. 

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