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Secret sets 2022


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7 hours ago, Jamm said:

Ohhh 20:45-21:30? Tasty. See. Caribou again at prima so happy to miss, will leave avalanches early if so and then get over for Macca.

Yeah only problem if it turns out wrong, leaves your plans in a mess

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If there's any genuine info on arcade fire please let me know!! I would be gutted if I missed them, they're my favorite band. 

Also if there's genuine info about florence 🙏🙏 I won't tell a soul!

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1 hour ago, OverlyComplicated said:

Feel free to DM me too, I've nothing to do with secretglasto but keen to know stuff just as much as the self appointed gate-keepers of community knowledge.

Gate-keepers? Seriously?

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6 hours ago, OverlyComplicated said:

Apologies if that came across too aggy. I just thought we've already decided this info would cause a crush so it shouldn't be made public but DM us anyway so we know was an odd take.

No worries. Ultimately the gate keepers are those with the info, who have to decide how much to share and who to share it with. No harm in asking for a DM though. 🙂

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