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Secret sets 2022


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8 minutes ago, DareToDibble said:

This is the Williams Green TBA after the main man (+ band) right? I'll be there for that anyway so here's hoping is is The 1975, what a way to start the festival.

Still can't see it being them though.

deffo spice girls 👍🤣

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18 minutes ago, Magic Rat said:

Gerry Cinnamon? After JP tent 3 years ago he was surely on the way to 2,3 or 4 on Pyramid.

Finishes this leg of his tour in Dublin on 19th. Free then til July 

Remember their being info on the festival approaching him for a slot in 2020 but him turning it down as he wanted a bigger slot than they were willing to offer, so don’t see him agreeing to play in a tiny tent this year, even if it is a secret set. 

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2 hours ago, stuartbert two hats said:

I'm probably going to get into trouble with the gang for saying what I have, sorry, can't answer any more questions, but suffice to say, it's pretty big (we genuinely worry about this kind of thing) and in WG, which is hard to close off.  I'm not going to see them, but loads of people do.

We've had a couple of tips from apparently different places saying the same thing, so you can feel reasonably confident that when the tweet goes out, it should be correct.

So, hive mind - what do we think about the other slots?

@stuartbert two hats what sort of music do you like and not like? 

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4 minutes ago, Suprefan said:

Miley Cyrus is not the reason he is popular lol.

That's not what I was inferring. The point I was trying to make was that he did a guest spot last time around and is more than befitting of his own slot this year.

3 minutes ago, GeezLouise said:

DON'T, I would love love love him to be there. but full set plz and thanks. 

3 minutes ago, glimmers_of_hope said:

Sorry,  another one in the "no chance" category. He isn't touring until September for a start. 

More wishful thinking than anything really!

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Bastille aren’t quite plausibly sub headliners and nor are The 1975 in the other direction (although most on here were saying they’ve now missed their chance to headline unless to the next album gets them back there), but they seem like the two most obvious candidates. Or Mumford, if they are active at all.

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I feel like we should have a group chat of the regulars on this thread so we can have the inside scoop. I'm dreading either it being someone I really don't want to miss and not making it, or being someone I hate and waiting there all day🤣

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Anyone fancy a sweepstake guessing the Thursday?

I'm gonna go with Biffy Clyro. I feel like The 1975 makes no sense for them. It's their comeback show and it's not televised... And I feel like Biffy will leave enough people happy whilst also not necessarily causing everyone to rush there.

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