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Festival layout/map 2022

March Hare

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1 minute ago, glimmers_of_hope said:

Looks like the glade has moved and is bigger. 

Yup, just came to see if this had been discussed yet. I loved its location under the trees but being bigger wouldn't be the worst thing considering some of the acts they get these days. 

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5 minutes ago, Junglist1981 said:

Is Arcadia a bit more roomy, or is it just drawn different 🤔

I think you're right - more of the space from park home ground taken shifting north.  Hope that means they are expecting the sound to be able to cover it!

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1 minute ago, JoeyT said:

Glade has moved?! What the f?

I don't get the impression it's moved, just that The Glade is now the name of the area, with Glade stage staying where it is. Could be wrong, but Glade itself is still there within the green.

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