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RIP Taylor Hawkins


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Back in 2017 my wife and I weren’t in the best place. We’d recently had a bereavement in her immediate family and another significant life event in her immediate family which I won’t go into. On top of that I’d been struggling with work and was feeling low - hence changing careers to teaching. We worked hard on the relationship and were in a better place but by no means a good place by the time the festival came around, the first we’d been to. This photo captures a moment I can pinpoint as being the one we knew we’d be ok. The festival was a real unifying experience for us where we “found ourselves” again and seeing Dave and the lads play El Pointo was a key moment. An acoustic version of Everlong was our first dance when we got married in 2015.
We’re on the left of this photo, and I think you can see how happy we are to be properly together again.

Thank you Foos, thanks Taylor. 


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Somebody on Reddit (so maybe not the most reliable source) said that he was complaining of chest pains to hotel staff earlier that day, so if true seems like it’s a heart condition rather than drink or drug related, but won’t jump to any conclusions just yet. 

Pretty gross to see people hinting at it being vaccine related on the Foos Twitter comments.

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2 minutes ago, FloorFiller said:

Pretty gross to see people hinting at it being vaccine related on the Foos Twitter comments.

thats just people with an agenda, the covid vaccine has been proven to be as safe as other vaccines. no reason to think anyone is dying from it.

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Awful news to wake up to - I am in complete shock.  Privileged to have seen him live a number of times - the Foo’s will not be the same without him.

Condolences to his family and the rest of the band.  RIP Taylor

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Oh man. I've fallen away from the Foos in recent years, but they meant so much in my younger days. From my first non-parental accompanied gig at Brixton in 95 (pre Taylor) to endless festivals, an incredible gig at The Astoria on the Color and the Shape tour all though to headline shows at Hyde Park and Wembley Stadium. What a ride. 

Long Road to Ruin started on Spotify and brought me to tears

Here now, don't make a sound

Say, have you heard the news today?

One flag was taken down

To raise another in its place

A heavy cross you bear

A stubborn heart remains unchanged

No harm, no life, no love

No stranger singing in your name

But maybe the season

The colors change in the valley skies

Dear God, I've sealed my fate

Running through hell, heaven can wait

Long road to ruin there in your eyes

Under the cold streetlights

No tomorrow, no dead end in sight

My heartfelt condolences to the band and his family x

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