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Tips for Securing a Ticket: Resale Edition


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1 minute ago, incident said:

Different just means different. It doesn't mean better (or worse).

It means you’re less likely to exceed the 60 requests per minute cap. Therefore you can refresh on your laptop up to 60 times a minute and the samE on your phone. 

120 attempts to get in is better than 60. 

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Just now, blutarsky said:

It means you’re less likely to exceed the 60 requests per minute cap. Therefore you can refresh on your laptop up to 60 times a minute and the samE on your phone. 

120 attempts to get in is better than 60. 

The cap is more intelligent than simply per IP address, it does at least an element of browser fingerprinting (though I've never spent enough time to figure out exactly what factors it uses). I wouldn't expect it to cap you at 60 across both a Phone and Laptop.

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William Flynn 
En9 1ux

Caleb Hart 

Harry Gilley




Jack Ewing




If people can try for me would be appreciated! Phone number is 07808196537 can send money as soon as got the tickets!

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On 3/23/2022 at 12:13 AM, leonaves said:

A few tips for everyone trying this week. First, a coach specific note:

In the general sale:

Applicable to all:

  • The rate limit is 60 refreshes per second and this is per IP. So the more people you have on the same internet connection the more you eat into that. For example 4 people sharing an outbound IP may be limited to 15 refreshes per second each.
  • I say "may" as there are at least 5 load balancing servers, each of which enforce the rate limit independently. If each device on the same connection happens to be connected to a different backend server, they will not infringe on each other's limit. As far as I can tell, the traffic is balanced between these servers simply using DNS round robin, which means when your browser requests glastonbury.seetickets.com, it will get one of 5 IP addresses. But due to caching (and probably cookie-based affinity) if you then refresh, you will then hit the same server every time. The thing to note about this is that most people on the same connection are going to be hitting the same load balancer in typical situations as DNS resolutions are typically cached at the router. You could probably get very involved and manually configure devices to hit a specific IP, but I would say the best middle-ground is to ensure each device on the same connection is not going to the router for DNS resolution. There are instructions on how to set up cloudflare's resolver directly on devices here: https://developers.cloudflare.com/
  • Use as many internet connections as possible. So, if your friends are all planning on coming together to one location to try, that's probably a worse approach than everyone staying at home. If you are in a situation where you have many people on the same network trying (such as an office environment), your best bet is to use a mobile device / tether, as your mobile connection has its own outbound IP and therefore its own independent rate limit.
  • Auto-refresh extensions are fine. Popular belief is that these extensions might get your ticket cancelled. I have never heard of this happening and I can't see how it would be detectable. If you use these extensions, you will improve your chances as you can have multiple browsers refreshing and looking for the desired text on the page. I'd recommend this one: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/auto-refresh-plus-page-mo/hgeljhfekpckiiplhkigfehkdpldcggm?hl=en as it lets you look for text on the page and stop refreshing. I would probably look for the word "registration" as there is a form on the final page that asks for your registration number, and the holding page has never said anything about that. But you can pretty quickly change that if the holding page does end up triggering it.
  • Don't use multiple browser windows, but do use multiple browsers/sessions. Multiple windows in chrome all share the same session cookies. You risk messing up your order if you have multiple windows open especially with extensions. Plus, if session affinity for the load balancers is done with cookies, each window will definitely be hitting the same backend and therefore sharing the same rate limit. Try instead opening, for example, a chrome window, a firefox window, a safari window, etc. You can also use chrome incognito mode, as that has a separate store of cookies to the main chrome profile, and if you want to go even further you can add named profiles to chrome which also have their own set of cookies. But note that browser extensions are per profile, and need to be enabled to work in incognito mode in settings, if you're planning on using extensions to refresh each of these, you'll need to be prepared.

These are probably all the tips I know that may not be well known but obviously there are plenty of other posts out there about generally being prepared, having a spreadsheet ready, and making sure you are not attempting to purchase for a registration that already has a ticket, as that screws up the order and locks all the registrations out for 10 minutes.

Oh and good luck!

The auto refresh extension has a very desperate Beaver and Mrs Beaver heading back to the farm for the first time in 6 years with a lot of intervening heartache. Thank you so much for this post. It literally saved us!


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