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The Weather Thread 2022


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12 minutes ago, briddj said:

Makes absolutely no sense!


Years of reading forecasts for the cricket tells me when you see this it basically means there'll be some light rain/showers, they just aren't sure when. So hedge their bets. Say it rains at 2pm that day, they'll then update and say its clear for the rest of the day.

We'll be grand 

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This has been an amazing journey to read guys, the plot twists have been on point.

But unless you get bogged (pun intended) down in the details, essentially we're gonna be fine aren't we.

Hard to beat a perfect burger but a pizza is always edible.

Glastonbury is the pizza x


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The question is, what will the rain now look like on Thursday with the GFS?


Almost completely dry, temps down a little at 23.


The closest any rain gets to the site is around 6pm, and it would be very, very light.


Nothing around Pilton at 9pm. All the heavy rain is in northern France.


We now know the pressure picture well.




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Rain around on Friday afternoon, with highs of 19. The rain is a little worse in this run for Friday, but it clears earlier.


Clears by the evening and dry overnight.


Very similar pressure situation with the low just to the west of the UK.


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Highs of 17. A very similar rain picture to the last run, with rain around on the edge of the site during the day, very light rain in the evening and clear overnight.


9pm. The lighter rain on the cusp of the site.


A similar pressure picture, though this one would probably bring lighter winds.


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Some showery rain around during the morning and the afternoon, with highs of 18. A similar picture to the last run, with light showers in the evening. Dry overnight. We could still get lucky and get nothing.


Another very similar pressure position. Perhaps this is now becoming set in stone, and let's be honest it's looked that way for a few days.






A pretty similar run of showery rain, and the good thing is the Thursday rain still isn't showing up on the GFS.

I think we can now consider it locked in that we are going to experience regular showers through the weekend. Let's just hope the forcefield stands up to most of it. The rain certainly isn't blanket and it's going to be pot luck what we get and what we avoid.

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