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2022 New Music


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7 minutes ago, nikkic said:

New Sigrid album doesn’t really grab me. 

Mirrors slaps, but apart from that I found it pretty underwhelming on first listen. 

Same for me, Burning Bridges is great and I like Mirror too but the rest was a bit of a let down unfortunately. 

From the other new releases from yesterday's bumper new music Friday, I'm really enjoying Sunflower Bean's new album. I've never been that fussed about any of their previous stuff but this one is really good, plenty of variety on it. I've listened to Sharon Van Etten's new one a few times too, it's quite good but maybe lacks a couple of big hitters that her albums usually have. 

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Yeah the new Sigrid album was a let down. Couple of okay songs in there but a lot of proper generic pop ballads that could’ve been literally anybody. 

Was a bit unsure on Shazza’s album initially but it’s grown on me more and more with each listen. Starts slow but really takes off midway through imo. 

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I enjoyed Sigrid's album a little more on second listen, but I'm still pretty disappointed despite having low expectations. There's just some really odd decisions, like the EQ tweak on the vocal track towards the end of Mirror that makes it sound like she's singing whilst eating a bread roll. Then the jarring jump from the disco pop of Mirror, to the below par ballad of Last To Know.

I was so excited about Sigrid when she turned up in 2017, and I remember walking away from The Park stage grinning like an idiot because I'd had such a great time. But I feel like the freshness evaporated really quickly, then the strange decisions started, like not releasing "We Go To War" and having absolute clunkers like "Level Up" and "Business Dinners" on the debut. Despite the lovely moment with the crying super fan at The Other Stage in 2019, I felt something had gone by that point, and this album kind of confirms it. Hopefully she'll storm The John Peel this year and I'll eat my words.

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31 minutes ago, stocky3000 said:

Well.... This is interesting... 

A Di Ross x Tame Impala Collab album produced by Jack A (of course) 

Some pretty crazy collabs too



Posted in another thread but also it is the soundtrack for the new minions movie.

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On 4/9/2022 at 5:39 AM, Suprefan said:

The Regrettes released a new one also if you want another similar artist.

Just got round to listening to this. Good shout, thanks!

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