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2022 New Music


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13 hours ago, Quark said:

New EP from Newdad out today, vid for the title track. Consistently like what these guys are turning out.


Like this a lot.  Agreed - ropey name aside, they are putting out some good stuff.

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New one from Manchester band The Goa Express, it's pretty groovy if you ask me, and might be the best thing they've released yet:

I think they're great, managed to see them three times last year and they were really good every time. I wouldn't be surprised if they pop up on Williams Green. They're touring in May and the start of June, and I'd probably go if it wasn't age restricted in Manchester.


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2 acts I've got into recently have been Bob Vylan and Wargasm, both are pretty in your face and Bob in particular is a caustic and angry voice with tunes to get the blood pumping.


Wargasm have got that anarchic twisted new metal thing going on, if Chumbawumba formed today this is what they'd sound like.

Edited to add Spit by Wargasm, older track but fantastic intro to the band.


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