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Will you go see Billie Eilish?


Billie Eilish 2022 Poll  

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  1. 1. Will you go see Billie at Glastonbury 2022?

    • Absolutely!
    • Maybe - Depends who else is on
    • Maybe - I already have a ticket to see her elsewhere so not too fussed
    • Might check her out, but doubt I'll watch the whole set
    • Hard pass
    • Yes but only because I'll probably get dragged to it by my friends/family/partner
    • I don't have a ticket (yet!) ='(

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6 minutes ago, Matt42 said:



I am really looking forward to her and that looks amazing. Never seen her before but loved her since she first broke out. However, that appears to be her crowd and not loads of tired older people that have heard Bad Guy on the radio a bit. Sure people will enjoy it but think the singing along will be minimal, and little to no jumping.

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3 minutes ago, Hugh Jass said:

Not for me Clive, I’ll be elsewhere.

Although I do hope those who are looking forward to it have a blast.

(If she’s still opening with Bad Guy I may watch that before wandering off)

She’s closing with it on this tour by how it looks.

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In answer to the question, saw her in 2019 and quickly reaffirmed that I'm not the target demographic for her brand of lo-fi, breathy pop and I'm comfortable with that. So if I had a ticket, it wouldn't be for me. Another coup for the festival though, as she's easily in the top three of the most popular acts on the planet right now

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35 minutes ago, Matt42 said:



The sound on that is terrible, it's so thin, Oxytocin is a big bombastic bassy song and it sounds so tame there, I'll give her Billie-ness the benefit of the doubt and put it down to the recording hopefully it sounds a lot better than that in the field.

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I quite like her, though I’m not as keen on the new album, so I’m open to seeing her depending on what else is on. There will no doubt be other acts on at the same time that I’d rather see but my girlfriend is a fan and will no doubt want to see her, especially as it will be her first Pyramid headliner. I’ll wait until we know all the Friday options but it’s definitely a contender for me.

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