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Partner Q to 'how often' - How many times have you been to the festival?


Partner Q to 'how often' - How many times have you been to the festival?  

188 members have voted

  1. 1. How many Glasonburys have you been to?

    • 0 - Never been
    • 1 - 3 times
    • 4 - 9 times
    • 10 - 19 times
    • 20 - 31 times
    • 31 - 35 times
    • 36 times, i.e. every single one so far

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Companion thread to the 'how often do you go' - I was running out of fingers trying to count up how many times some people have been, so I thought I'd make this poll.


I suspect the only person to vote all 36 will be Mr Eavis, unless there are some of you who can also claim this crown ?



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Worked 93 and 94 post festival clear-up. Bunked the fence 95. Went abroad to live, so wasn't on the cards for lots of years. Decided to go again in 2007, been every festival since. Not got a ticket for next year. Not sure how I'm feeling about it. Suprisingly relaxed, I guess. Maybe my time is up. Will probably try for tickets in the resale, but I'll be honest, EOTR has stolen my heart.

So, in total, 14, I think

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8 for me. Started in 2010, got me hook, line and sinker and been to every one since.

I can't see me missing any if I manage to grab a ticket for the foreseeable but I don't know how desperate I'd be if I failed. I can't see me working it but knowing it was going on and I'm not there would be a killer.

Already working on a plan for migrating to the Acoustic Stage when I hit 60 and taking a chair so I can sit outside there all day.


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