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How often do you go to Glastonbury?


How often do you go to Glastonbury?  

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  1. 1. How often do you go to Glastonbury?

    • Every year without fail (ticket depending)
    • As often as possible (more often than not)
    • Sometimes I go, sometimes I don't
    • Once for the bucket list
    • No interest in going and I don't know what I'm doing here

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Just now, eFestivals said:

got to end some day nothing lasts forever.

That's true...a lot of my friends from home don't do festivals anymore, I now mostly go with people I know from going to football. 

Sadly once a lot of them gave up taking class-A drugs they decided Glastonbury wasn't really that fun just drinking and stopped going. ho hum.

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Had tickets 2016 but had the deposit refunded - I was working for Remain and had to be at the count on the Thursday night. It would have been my first festival and I may not have fallen in love like I did in 2017...

Worked 2019 as had no tickets. 

Ticketless for 2022 and have a baby now (turns 1 in 7 days) which may mean I miss out as working won't be an option. We're also broke so going for the resale will be a last minute decision, and our only option. 

If it were solely up to me I'd make a ticket my number 1 priority every year, but have family to consider. Also have a job that doesn't allow me time off so I have to be creative about getting there... 

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I’ve been to every festival since 97 except for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 when my kids were really little.  I was back in 2019 working for Oxfam.. haven’t got tickets for 2022 but really hoping to get a volunteer spot or resale ticket.

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first in 2015 ( dragged in kicking and screaming by my now wife ), but loved every last second.

2016 awesome time , even in the mud !

missed 2017 and nearly needed psychiatric help as was sooo depressed for not going  

2019 friend got me in on crew tix for silverhayes . awesome time of course.

2022 ?? tix ready and waiting , counting the days 

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First time was 94, changed my life. Last time was 95. Changing location circumstances & friends stoipped me going again. Been attending Beautiful Days and Bearded Theory regularly since they began and the desire now to experience Glastonbury again is stronger than ever.

I lurk around this part of the site as it's the most entertaining - except when Glasto's on then I avoid it altogether due to being unashamedly jealous

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