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Acts Ruled Out of Glastonbury 2022


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1 hour ago, the wonderwhy said:

Robyn has just pulled her only scheduled date of the year, so I guess that’s not good news for anyone hoping for her. 

Ah that sucks.

More likely that she's prepping a new record rather than it spelling doom for tours overall tbf, it's been 4 years since the last. Still: ruiner.

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38 minutes ago, sisco said:

Or it’s because at least 20 people had to test negative each day for a show to go ahead and he didn’t want to hold onto peoples money I’m these hard times or let people down last minute (as he said….)

Plenty others seem to be making it work perfectly fine.

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Do you think bands from the US And other countries will by pass the UK leg of the tour due to the amount of paper work etc etc which they will now have to do.. 

Obviously I'm only thinking about the bands that had just a few dates on the list.. As far as I know Pearl Jam are only doing Hyde Park.. There's no other dates released as yet..so no Scotland.. No Manchester etc.. Hype Park was booked 2 years ago.. 

Same with Eddie Vedder although I appreciate that he's only realised US dates atm

I'm only using pj as an example so please don't think I'm only thinking about them old sons.. 

I thought of this when looking at the rock werchter line up

Which is brilliant imo.. Just wish I could afford it lol 

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