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Isle of Wight 2022


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20 hours ago, Melman said:

Can anyone tell me if it is ok to load a festival cart on the bus from Ryde Pier?  We are coming on the hovercraft with a shopping trolley and a cart….starting to worry about logistics!

Yes you can, Double decker buses. All trollies, big bags etc all go on bottom floor in any gap and on top of other bags. Don't put fragile stuff at the top, make sure it's secure and nothing can get caught on someone/something else.

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2 hours ago, Jack4Deakin said:

what's the best place to camp for 6 early 20s looking for fun and not to disturb families? 

There are designated quiet and family fields, so basically not them. It might be luck of the draw who is around you though.

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On 6/14/2022 at 7:13 AM, Zoe2686 said:

So I was just wondering what is everyone packing weather wise, as in Wellies etc, weather looks pretty clear apart from maybe the odd shower but is it worth risking leaving the Wellies at home lol

Wellies being packed, with coat for unsure weather on Saturday & Sunday.

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Fantastic to be back, despite Red Funnels best efforts…

Performances yesterday were awesome. 

Didn’t fancy Capaldi so made our way over to Noasis. passed the tent-, loads of room. Noasis… Jammed. Most of the main arena area big spaces everywhere. 

How can a covers band command a huge audience like that! They were excellent btw. 
Organisers messed up a bit I suspect. 

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