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Green Man 2022

the wonderwhy

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Just now, lac999 said:

Anyone getting through? I'm currently having as much joy from my refreshing as the toughest Glastonbury ticket days 😑

No luck at all. Was signed in with Ticketline in advance and been in a queue since 9:50. 

So stressful! I actually have one ticket rolled over, so will be going regardless, but we're after a couple of Settlement tickets instead.

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Who knows if I am down. Filled it all out including approving the transition via my natwest app then it said card had been declined. I had similar last year and it had actually gone through and i ended up double buying so i'm going to wait a while and see as adult settler early bird has sold out now anyway so not saving any money!

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Actually I just checked and 2019 sold out in May, which was later than I remembered. So might not be before Christmas. 

Having said that there will be some people who rolled over again and there is pent up demand, so it'll defo be earlier than that this time. 

Either way I wouldn't worry about not getting through today. Ticketline is just being naff. 

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11 minutes ago, tjrant said:

£221.55 for a full price ticket. Think Early Birds were only £15 cheaper.

It's not going to sell out today, but with all the roll over tickets expect that it may sell out before Christmas so worth getting them now if you can.


Thanks. I'm currently stuck in a seemingly never ending 30 second loop on the website! May be here a while....

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