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3 hours ago, Amani said:


Helloooo, *waves*.

Sorry, I did sign up when I got back but couldn't work out how to post the pics so I gave up.  Then I got side tracked with Reading fest.  Pretty poor show, I know.  

It was really great to meet some of you at the BDs meet, first time I have delurked to say hello, but have followed the forum for some time.  It was totally a chance meeting and was due to recognizing Crazyfool and his hat from this forum - he is an efest ambassador!  I bumped into Crazyfool again at Little Big Top on the Sunday, and also not worthy.  

I am already planning and looking forward to a run of festivals next summer, so hoping to put more faces to names in the future xx

'Twas great to share a pint and chat with you all. Already seems too long ago.

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4 hours ago, Pinhead said:

I guarantee it will be better as well at a venue and with a longer window for the set. Zpor usually comes out right into the crowd and leads a procession at the end too. Got to meet and speak with him at a gig once and asked him where his staff came from....

Sounds like a good night then, looking forward to it!

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1 hour ago, Skelts said:

@blutarsky @crazyfool1  are either of you going to see Henge on Wednesday?  See you there if so!

Unfortunately not … I’d forgotten and I have an efest meet in Manchester end of next week I need to stay covid free for … I will catch you at some point though 🙂 

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1 hour ago, blutarsky said:

Where is it? Exeter? 
Some distant memory is telling me they might be at the Phoenix? 
If so, I’d be up for it but won’t be there, soz mate! 

Yeah, at the Phoenix. No worries, didn’t want to find out afterwards that there were other efesters there so thought I’d check!

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