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Ultimate Hurt/Heal 3: Hurtier/Healier John Peel/West Holts/The Park


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John Peel Tent & The Park

Hot Chip 565 


Jazz World / West Holts

Chic ft. NiIe Rodgers 325 

Justice 557 (+10)


Maaaan. I have to back my guys, as anyone who went to these gigs knows Justice was the best. No way do Hot Chip stans win this. However, if Justice do pass into shadow, it will be with the full knowledge that Chic will rise like a carbon monolith created by dropping a ton of sugar into a swimming pool of sulphuric acid, and shit all over those tinny miniature cymbals. 

Full disclosure: I didn't see all of Hot Chips set because it was bobbins.

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