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When will covid end ? Please be nice and respectful to others


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USA back to magic masks...

While the Brits say let us travel...

I have to say I can't get my head around why if you have covid literally all over the globe why you need to continue with the travel bans and heavy restrictions.

They are not going to stop a new variant coming in and its only hurting economies. 

Saying all this - I wouldn't want to travel to the USA if they are back to pointless and restrictions like mask wearing.

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1 hour ago, zahidf said:

CDC are being a bit anti vax now


So funny story...

I know a few yanks (I work with people on daily basis in Cali) and I was having an argument with them just today on this very thing.  They kept saying the vaccine doesn't stop you getting it or spreading it.   I said - well it massively reduces it - but they wouldn't have any of it saying the trusted the CDC on the issue...

I was like - I doubt the CDC disagree with me....  and then you have this...

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