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2021 Mercury Prize Nominees announced

found home in 2009

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11 minutes ago, jump said:


I thought it was good but not a good as there other albums, they are too big for the Mercury Prize now.

I would have liked to see Creeper get a nod but they aren't the sort of band to get these kind of nominations though.

I really liked that Creeper album, but yeah don't think it's the kind of thing the Mercury awards go for so not surprised by the omission.

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9 minutes ago, FloorFiller said:

Dry Cleaning are a notable omission there. Like, I know there’s been a ton of great post-punk stuff out over the past year and it can’t all be here, but they’re the one I would’ve thought made the cut over all. 

I couldn't get into Dry Cleaning, thought a couple of tracks were clever but it couldn't sustain over the course of a whole album for me.

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2 hours ago, found home in 2009 said:

This years Mercury Nominees have just been announced on 6 music. They are:

Arlo Parks – Collapsed In Sunbeams


Black Country, New Road – For the First Time

Celeste – Not Your Muse

Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra – Promises

Ghetts – Conflict Of Interest

Hannah Peel – Fir Wave

Laura Mvula – Pink Noise

Mogwai – As the Love Continues

Nubya Garcia – SOURCE 

SAULT – Untitled (Rise) 

Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend

Nothing I absolutely love on it, but a few albums for me to check out.

What's everyone thoughts?

Quite surprised by BERWYN making it, decent debut but too Drake-y I felt. My personal fav here is probably Floating Points but I'd be happy with Arlo Parks, BCNR, Ghetts, Nubya Garcia or SAULT winning it.

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10 minutes ago, SwedgeAntilles said:

Although it's not as good as either of the albums they released last year I think SAULT might snap it up. 

I think Rise is the better of the 2 last year for me. Will they give it to them to see who shows up 🙂

Couple on the list I have not heard so something for the weekend.

I don't actually care who wins awards, unless it's me of course

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30 minutes ago, fred quimby said:

I think Rise is the better of the 2 last year for me. Will they give it to them to see who shows up 🙂

Aye, I just read the list of nominees and presumed it was for 9. But given it's for Rise I think they should definitely win (although personally I preferred Black Is)

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