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Brassed off - your favourite songs that include horns


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I have always been a sucker for brass - any band with a horn section is a hit with me. 

I got into ska when I was a teenager attending anti-capitalist and anti-Iraq war rallies circa 2001-2003 and came across Capdown, who I loved. There was a whole stable of third wave ska punk bands on Household Name Records / Good Clean Fun / Fierce Panda and others at the time and a thriving UK scene which I saw a lot of at the Cavern in Exeter. 

This led me into listening to first wave ska (Desmond Dekker, Skatalites, Lord Tanamo etc) and 2-tone from the 80s (Madness, Specials, Selecter, beat etc) and also to American 3rd wave like Mad Caddies, Catch 22 (who I went and saw on my own at Universal Studios in 2004 when I was on holiday with my family, aged 16) Streetlight Manifesto, The Pietasters, Slackers (who I saw in Berlin a few years ago)and (to a lesser extent) Less Than Jake and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. 

Long story short I realised I love more or less any music with horns - as songs like Destination Calabria by Alex Gaudino really hit home despite being outside of my musical wheelhouse at the time it was released. 

More recently the likes of Badcore Horns and the Brass Funkeys have really tickled my fancy. 

Anyway, what are your top recommendations for songs with brass in them? 

I bet someone will say Baker Street on the first page.

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1 hour ago, Yoghurt on a Stick said:

Not sure what it is. Could be the sunshine and hot weather, but

OK, ok, so it's a shit song.

@blutarsky - when you say 'brass', are all other brass instruments allowed or do they have to be of the 'horn' variety?

Absolutely, any and all. Was just using it as shorthand. 

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