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The worst sets at Glastonbury


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3 hours ago, clarkete said:

Wow did we have different perspectives.  I was quite in the crowd there and they went down an absolute storm.

I enjoyed it! Although I was 13 at the time and they could do no wrong by me then.

But they were very late on stage (half an hour maybe?) and got quite middling reviews for being indulgent and skipping some hits. Plus, yeah, the same song three times. A bit silly.

The opening 1-2 of Dead Leaves and Blue Orchid was a stormer, and no mistake.

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On 7/1/2021 at 4:30 PM, Zacko said:

They've got to be the worst backing band of any of the major artists. I can only assume he's picked them because they manage to make the Smiths songs sound awful. That would be a very Morrissey thing wouldn't it?

It absolutely would. I never previously thought it might be deliberate but it actually makes perfect sense.

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36 minutes ago, oneeye said:

Gotta disagree with this one, they were ace, especially given conditions and the delayed start.


To be honest I only saw the end really, went to that Damon Albarn Syrian Orchestra thing because of the delayed start. I just remember his crowdsurfing looking really funny when we came back. At least we saw Laid.

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