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Half Time - AOTYs so far....

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Was going to wait a bit longer to post this as it is still only the start of June, but publications are coming out with their lists already so might as well start the thread now so we have a place to discuss the lists...

Feel free to chuck in your own lists/topsters too for us to judge your taste too!

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The Dirty Nil - Fuck Art 

By miles and miles. It came out in the first week of January and I haven’t even begun to get tired of it yet. It’s only getting better and better as the weather gets brighter and sunnier too. 

The best. 

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Wolf Alice by a mile - can't imagine it not being still at number 1 come December.


1) Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend

2) Japanese Breakfast - Jubilee

3) Royal Blood - Typhoons

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46 minutes ago, Hugh Jass said:

Song and lyrics of the year so far: White Dress by Lana


Never in doubt.

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1. Black Country, New Road

2. Wolf Alice 

3. Iceage 

The Black Country, New Road album is almost immaculate in my opinion. Its six songs that all really hold up together and the album wouldn't feel complete if one was missing. There are no real weak moments for me as I feel like each track has a distinct feel and purpose. The lyricism is also great and has some of the best lyrics I've heard in a while. It's most likely going to be my album of the year, as it already beats my last album of the year, Punisher by a fair margin. If you haven't given it a listen you definitely should as them and Wolf Alice are the two most interesting bands in the UK right now in my opinion. Sunglasses is a perfect song and will definitely be my song of the year, and probably in my top 10 or so songs of all time. It's genius.

The absolute pinnacle of British engineering.

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39 minutes ago, zero000 said:

For Those I Love is head and shoulders above everything else released this year. Not had a record hit me like that in such a long time. 

Hah you beat me to it. Absolutely stunning record.

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Wolf Alice is great and all that but it’s just shy of being an AOTY contender for me. Any of these three could end up being my number 1:

1. Iceage

2. Black Country, New Road

3. For Those I Love

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29 minutes ago, rivalschools.price said:

Architects, Gojira and While she Sleeps for me, who says rock is dead?

This guy does, but probably best not to listen to him…



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