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BBC TV coverage happening this year?


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11 minutes ago, stuartbert two hats said:

It's always the shots of The Park that get me in the feels. Maybe because that's the only TV shots where you see parts of the festival that aren't in an "arena". The Brothers' bar in the distance doesn't really have the same effect.

It's definitely the most beautiful part of the festival.

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12 hours ago, Zoo Music Girl said:

Also since we're all reminiscing I wanted to go desperately since the channel 4 footage in like 95? The Pulp and PJ Harvey year. I was 14/15.

Watched it every year since and then finally could afford to go in 2008 after years of being skint. I never feel like I could have gone earlier because I was either a teenager or too poor but man have I never looked back.

Missed 2016 as ticketless and almost definitely going to miss 2022.

But I will be back.

For some reason I always thought you were a lot younger!...sounds like you’re about my age (I’m 39)

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Looking at some of the early years I remember why I didn't go until I found out about campervans & glamping - having a glass back and absolutely no self control with alcohol and pills I'd have been broken before the party even started. 

Even an old crippled hippy like me can party hard if they're got a dry bed to get 3-4 hours sleep in.

2019 was a bumper year for me - I went with 3 friends from work (all lightweights and Glasto virgins) - got there early Wed and did the obligatory site march and point out the short-cuts between stages, good food places and a good 2 hours going over the planner with some Cider bus rocket fuel.

Thursday at 1AM they all went to bed and I hit the SE-Corner. I do remember it being light when I got back to E17 and my bed, this repeated all weekend with us just getting back in for the first band of the day and them going to bed after a quick wizz around the dance tents. 

I did warn them about the Sunday clash-fest "The Cure, Janelle and Chrstine and the Queens" and I said I'd see them in the morning. I plumped for Janelle and looking at the coverage it was the best choice + it gave me a quick entry into SE corner.

They were getting up to pack up the camp site when I stumbled in from site - I don't remember leaving site and slept until we got home!

At least this year it won't take me 3 days to recover.... Roll on 2022!

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Just watching the Radiohead set recorded from last night. It’s probably the best they’ve ever sounded on video along with the Bonnaroo show, but it’s so odd watching them at Glastonbury and not hearing the fans belting out Karma Police, Android etc. Even Creep sounds fairly quiet. Definitely their best performance of the three headline sets, but as far as crowd atmosphere goes ‘17 seems the best when you rewatch them all now. 

edit: Just absolutely goes off though. Baffles me why they don’t play that more often, it always goes down a storm. 

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After spending most of yesterday and today watching coverage, I've now got to go to work. A few hours earlier than usual for the festival (normally an overnight shift on Saturday for us) but I suppose it adds to the realism of it all. Would be weird if I wore I hi-vis on reception though. That might be taking it too far

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1 hour ago, eFestivals said:

Wasn't on big pointy.

Mary J Blige. You only have to say it out loud and you allude to greatness.

In the Pissing Rain, Mary J Blige.



On Big Pointy , mid afternoon, In the Pissing Rain....

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