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BBC TV coverage happening this year?


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Also since we're all reminiscing I wanted to go desperately since the channel 4 footage in like 95? The Pulp and PJ Harvey year. I was 14/15.

Watched it every year since and then finally could afford to go in 2008 after years of being skint. I never feel like I could have gone earlier because I was either a teenager or too poor but man have I never looked back.

Missed 2016 as ticketless and almost definitely going to miss 2022.

But I will be back.

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6 minutes ago, waltere said:

When did the New Bands Tent become John Peel?


And is it true that its name was in reference to being a "Bands Tent" which was newly created, as opposed to a tent for "New Bands"

2005 iirc. 

and yes to the second question 

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1 minute ago, Pinhead said:

It was for bands that didnt fit anywhere else - an early 'introducing' in a way, ex Avalon crew were tasked with running it.

The ‚Äėnew bands‚Äô title was confusing as newbies like me thought it was a stage for new bands not a new tent for bands!

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Just now, Gnomicide said:

Massive crowd for Blondie in 99.

One of the first big reunions, before it became a more common things for disbanded groups to get back together.

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