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2 hours ago, mcshed said:

To be honest the idea of it going on so long that there are only about 5 people voting amuses me greatly as those voters will ensure it comes back into the front page every day. I just want to make it clear from the beginning that it is a silly idea that is likely to bore most people and I am aware of that fact, so in a couple of months when people start saying it is going on too long it is perfectly clear that it has been designed to do so, it doesn't need minus only days it needs bloody minded persistence and time.

Minus Mondays? 👀 

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1 hour ago, mcshed said:

If you want to hand out minus votes on Mondays you can, if you want to lobby others to hand out minus votes on Mondays you can but there will never be officially sanctioned minus only days.

You’re no fun 😉 

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46 minutes ago, kalifire said:

me neither, sadly. The greatness of a one off gig appears to have outstripped legendary status. Oh well. At least Radiohead failed in the last one. 

Yep Glastonbury legends … done for 😞 chickens 🐓 will win this battle … 

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