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Live at Worthy Farm

Hugh Jass

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1 minute ago, Pinhead said:

Maybe a load of security keys haven't been put into the DB yet, maybe the later ones e.g. like those bought today...?

Or their streaming works but the auth server / service can't cope...

I bought mine when they first announced the stream so I don't think it's that. I did have access to the live version but stupidly refreshed with fifteen minutes to go to make sure I had it live. Who'd have thought that F5 has failed me again when it comes to Glasto.

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7 minutes ago, Zoo Music Girl said:

Nope I paid for it (like a mug apparently!).

I paid and gave an extra tenner to charity. I only wanted to watch the first couple of acts. Would be nice if we could get an on demand code that lasted a week to watch at convenience. 

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1 minute ago, Zoo Music Girl said:

Yeah the annoying thing seems to be that you get penalised for having checked the link before! 

I hadn't tried the link before because my internet was broken this afternoon and they said it wasn't expected to be fixed until 8. 

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8 minutes ago, Porcelina said:

Clearly they've hit server capacity and it's one in one out.

The company are woeful but you have to put blame on Glastonbury themselves for a complete lack of due diligence.

But how can they not know exactly how many people will be logging on? Surely that could have been tested.

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