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Live at Worthy Farm

Hugh Jass

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1 minute ago, parsonjack said:

How many of these acts, Inc Taylor, would we expect to see back next June....and what's the likelihood of confirmations tonight.....none, one or two....all of them?

Or do they play a longer game and do a headliner announcement later  …. I’m not sure tonight will bring us anything headliner wise … don’t the headline acts mostly like to tease their own announcements … and some really creative ones at that … filming on the farm might give the opprtunity for something soon 

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22 minutes ago, FloorFiller said:

If the special guest is Taylor then I can’t imagine she’s not signed up for next year, and I’m sure that’ll be the case for most of the acts who were on the 2020 lineup and appearing tonight. 

Are we not totally ignoring the obvious and Coldplay are headlining 2022?

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Just now, chazwwe said:

I'm excited a new project is still cool. People are gonna be upset because they assumed 100% that it would be Taylor despite her not being in the country. 

Err.. I think they assumed that precisely because she is (or at least was very recently) in the country

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