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Rock Werchter 2022


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18 minutes ago, Werchter Veteran said:

A lot of Foo Fighters on Studio Brussels today, because of the launch of the book of Dave Grohl.
Perfect headliner for Saturday 🙂

Can't have Metallica, Foo Fighters, RHCP and Pearl Jam at the same festival it's simply too good for real life.

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Well that’s thrown me completely! Glad to see the option of Kendrick is potentially back on the table, not really my thing but it would be nice to tick him off the list and my mates would buy a ticket on his name alone so bodes well that I might not be going alone haha

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11 hours ago, mikebat said:

Not only Kendrick Lamar, but also The Rolling Stones.. 😮 They would add an extra day for them :


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Massive Attack are in Nimes/France on July 4th. They would make an amazing addition for Saturday and they haven't played RW for ages (last time was 2003 I think?). I've seen them live many times and they are always simply awesome - no exceptions!

Since Gorillaz are out 😔 can one still dream about RATM, TOOL or SOAD? I know, I know...wishful thinking!

@Ken19 Do you maybe know if there is a reason why RW is not looking at Massive Attack for so long? (or isn't RW green enough according to their standards?)

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