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Primavera Sound 2022


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2 hours ago, SwallowOrSleepOnTheWetSpot said:

No Spanish dates on the Low tour, but their last European date is currently mid-May so it would have to be a one-off.

Still, theses dates look a lot like Primavera. They could do some shows in Eastern Europe too, which are yet to be announced to bridge the gap or smth like that.  

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10 hours ago, lostinthedream said:

Is the refund window already closed? 

This is from their official website:

On 1st June anyone who has a Primavera Sound 2020 and / or 2021 ticket may request a refund if they wish to once they have received the refund form from the point of sale where they purchased the ticket. Once the refunds request process is finished on 16th June, within a maximum period of 14 days they will receive their money in their bank account. The Primavera Sound refund policy is aligned with the applicable regulations in Catalonia regarding public events (in particular, Ley 11/2009, de 6 de julio, de regulación administrativa de los espectáculos públicos y las actividades recreativas), as well as the applicable consumers law. Furthermore, we have also consulted the consumer authorities in Catalonia and we have received their approval on our refunds system.

I had an issue with my upgrade and they replied to me that it will be resolved after the refund process is finished. And then they contacted me on June 17th, so it seems that the official information is correct. But with all the tickets sould out, I think you can try to contact them even now.


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