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Given that Leeds etc seem to be going ahead, do we reckon Bella will? I mean, if the UK adult population has been vaccinated a week or 2 before it should be a goer right? I bought a campervan ticket just in case, I really hope I can get to use it. Don't really care much about the line up at this point, it's always good anyway.

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1 hour ago, eFestivals said:

main problem at the mo is that the conspiracist (:P) hasn't given any hint of a date, so it's a punt in the dark for festivals in Scotland in a way it isn't now in England.

Even she couldn't hold back a tide of angry festie and gig goers when there are low cases and a vaccinated nation. She might stop events from happening but the people will go south and come back. Kinda defeats the point. The policy of doing things slightly differently to be divisive will work until it stops people doing what they want for no apparent reason.

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