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WOMAD 2021


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  • 3 weeks later...

Just had the following e-mail

We are super excited to announce tickets for WOMAD 2021 are ON SALE NOW!

The festival will go ahead from 22-25 July 2021 in line with the Government road map which aims to remove all social distancing restrictions by 21st June 2021.

Inevitably there will be some changes to the festival and we will be adapting to changing conditions to make WOMAD happen this year, with no doubt that WOMAD 2021 will be, as always a glorious celebration of the global community, its music, arts, culture and food.

We will continue to liase with the licensing and Public Health authorities to understand and implement the measures required for the festival to take place safely and for the wider community to feel totally comfortable. A 'WOMAD Roadmap 2021' is in development and will continue to be updated as those decisions are made. Some of these will include:

Line-up: International travel to and from the UK is currently restricted.  Fortunately, the UK has a rich and culturally diverse artistic community and WOMAD will celebrate this diversity with a line-up of mainly UK based artists reflecting musical and artistic traditions from all over the world. The UK artists will be announced on 12 April. But, when restrictions on international travel are lifted, organisers hope to build on this foundation by adding international artists to the line-up around the 17 May, many of whom have already committed to performing at WOMAD 2021 if international travel allows.

Increased Space: We are redesigning aspects of the site to increase the space in the campsite and the arena so people have as much space as they need.
Capacity: Capacity is continually under review. In the first instance tickets will be sold in batches with additional batches added as the consultation proceeds. The final capacity will be based on consultation and reflect the increased space available in the site and the licensing guidelines. 
Home Testing: We are discussing the possibility of following the schools' model and the upcoming DCMS test events of offering home-based Lateral Flow Tests both before and after the festival. Depending on the position of the Public Health Authorities these may be sold at cost price. Festival goers who have a ticket and test positive will be refunded in full or have their ticket rolled over to 2022. 

In case of cancellation: In the event that the festival is cancelled by the Government or Health Authorities, tickets can either be rolled over to 2022 or fully refunded. 


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2 hours ago, ian the worm said:

Punter. With kids. 4 day ticket. Hopefully camp with a few friends. It’s only 20 mins from home so it’s my local. 

Yes, we'll be camping with friends. We splashed out on the park and camp again. 

1 hour ago, westholtschic said:

I’m working 😁

Well hopefully we can try and have an efestivals meet up 

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  • 4 weeks later...

I wonder if womad will actually sell out with all the it's and buts still in the air.

I reamain optimistic... But usually it's a wash out.

Can anybody who has attended the site before confirm how easier it is to stay off site and drive in every day?




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10 minutes ago, Leyrulion said:

I put myself down to volunteer solo at womad with Oxfam but now I'm having second thoughts. 

Anyone been able to confirm what sort of vibe it is?

It's a lovely fest a bit on the tame side for some but always good with interesting acts

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1 hour ago, Leyrulion said:

I put myself down to volunteer solo at womad with Oxfam but now I'm having second thoughts. 

Anyone been able to confirm what sort of vibe it is?

What are your concerns?

It’s very clean, middle aged, mostly polite, fairly well off, sensible respectful punters.

Grounds are flat and easy to move about  with very minimal problems. 

Bogs are good and water taps everywhere. Usual amazing food choices and bars. Acts are normally world class, but I’m currently wondering who they can actually secure this year coz of COVID quarantine etc. 

I’m really looking forward to it as it will have been 23 months since my last festival and around 15 months since I last stood in front of someone playing music to me.

Thats my take on the festival vibe, if you want info on the oxfam side then I’m sure others here will help you.


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Nice accurate summary I'm really hoping it's able to go ahead as it's my light at the end of the tunnel for the dreadful year I've had personally, and the timing is perfect about a week after I get out of hospital.

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We've made the decision to roll our tickets over again until next year as WOMAD allowed this. I thought that was very generous of them. Will be a shame to miss out but overall we and the friends we go with thought it made us more comfortable to do this. Also realised recently that the dates this year meant taking the kids out of school for a couple of days so at least won't have that grief. 

Roll on WOMAD 22

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